New Products

We are always innovating new technologies here at Paladin and after months of anticipation we are pleased to announce the launch of 2 new products to the Paladin store! 

The Micro

Big things come in small cases!

The Micro is no exception, cramming a workstation-class Intel Core i7 4790 CPU, super fast 256gb flash hard drive,  and dual gigabit Ethernet ports into an elegant box that is smaller than most routers!  The Micro has one HDMI input, but is designed to be expanded via USB as your production grows. As with all Paladin systems, the Micro runs an open version of Windows 7 so you can install the production software you already own and are comfortable with and the Micro is available in two colors (traditional Paladin pink or black)!

Titan (6 of 12).jpg

The Titan

You asked. We answered!

Up to 16 broadcast grade HD Video signals over SDI or HDMI.  Graphics power for 4K editing and gaming.  Exotic, liquid-cooled, Intel Xeon hardware overclocked to perfection.  Incredible storage capabilities and flexibility.  The Paladin Titan lives up to its namesake in all things but size--the system is less than a third the size of similarly specced workstations and is wrapped in beautifully finished aluminum with looks that could kill--even when turned off.  When you need the best workstation for live video production, wield the Titan.