Tap, Swipe and Produce!

Introducing the Paladin link for Wirecast!

Download the trial for PC

Download the trial for Mac

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Let’s get started:

• Download your free trial of Paladin Link.
• Download the Paladin Producer App on the iTunes store.
• Connect your computer and iPad to the same wireless network.
• Start up Wirecast on your system.
• In the Broadcast tab, select Virtual Camera Out and click Start.
• Launch the Paladin Link and click Start Paladin Link.
• Start the Paladin Producer app and select your Paladin.

Your free trial of Paladin Link is valid for 7 days.

Need more help? Click here to access our support page. 

If you haven’t already, download and install the Paladin Producer App on your iPad.


Happy streaming!

The Paladin Team