Why is my CPU usage so high?

Due to the nature of video streaming there is normally a lot of stress put on the CPU when it is processing your feed to go online. Not to worry, the Paladin is expertly tuned for this and the CPU % is showing in wirecast is not the true CPU usage reading. 

However, if you are seeing dropped frames in your stream and it sounds like the fan's in your Paladin are louder than normal there are a few things you can check. 

1. Make sure your paladin has room to breath, what we mean here is make sure there is no paper or equipment blocking the vents on the top and sides of your unit.

2. Make sure your CPU fan is spinning. If you look down from the top and see that the fan is not spinning power off your paladin, grab a pencil and with the eraser end gently press down on the center of the fan until you feel a click, then power your paladin back on and the fan should start spinning again. This is not an issue with the unit, but a safety feature built in to prevent the fan from breaking when your unit is moved. 

If you are still seeing issues with high CPU usage after completing these steps, let us know. we are always here to help when you need us. Our email address is info@yourpaladin.com and our phone number is (253) 642-7307