No video from my camera on the Decklink Quad

There are a few things to check when you are not seeing any video come in on a Paladin with the Decklink Quad capture card. 

1. It may be trivial, but make sure your cameras are turned on. We have done this hundreds of times when we are setting up a show and get everything going and come to find out we forgot this step.

2. Make sure you are plugged into an input port not the output or reference port. 

If you are not sure which port is an input open the Paladin System Map file in the Support folder on the desktop of your Paladin or click here to view the system map. 

 3. Make sure the resolution on the camera matches what is listed in your source settings. 

To access the source settings click on Sources -> Source Settings and then select the input you plugged your camera into and in the dropdown menu you will see the resolution. 

If you are still not seeing any video come into your production software please feel free to send an email to or call (253) 642-7307