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Paladin in Streaming Media Magazine

Paladin Innovators is quickly earning its stripes after the first appearance in a showroom floor.  They were not just in their own booth but in four other places!

Telestream and VMix, two competing streaming software solutions, used the Paladin in their exhibits.  These were great examples of how the Paladin can be loaded with different software as it's an open, Windows 7 based solution.  Additionally, the Paladin can be loaded with VidBlaster as well as Livestream Studio!

In addition to the appearances on the showroom floor, the Paladin was also used in demonstrations by two of's workshop presenters; Mark Alamares, CEO of Mobeon and Rob Reinhardt, Founder

Both demonstrated and compared the "ultra-portable" solution to others.  While Mark showcased the Paladin "Fly Pack" in his workshops, Rob did the same with the stand-alone Paladin, but also strolled around the venue with it in his backpack.

systems like this are the future of live
— Mark Alamares - CEO, Mobeon

Another aspect of the event that highlights the Paladin's portability was the challenge of bringing five units on a plane.  Not including the two backup units in our carry-on luggage and the FlyPack.  It only took four checked bags to get everything from Seattle to L.A..  This included ten cameras, four monitors, tripods and cables.  

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