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3 Reasons to Stream Your Content

We get it – you live in a non-stop world where businesses fight to get their content noticed every day.  One of the biggest advantages they can have is implementing live video streaming.  Using cutting-edge technology, high-quality cameras and a good amount of bandwidth, companies can bring their events to a worldwide audience.

Need more convincing? Here’s the top three reasons to start streaming your content live:

1)  Create a Community – Any glance at a well-watched YouTube video will show that people enjoy sharing their opinions (some thoughts more applicable than others).  The problem is content creators don’t really have a chance to interact with their users immediately.  Exchanges will happen over a period of days or even weeks.  Now imagine being able to interact with your viewers in real time.  Many streaming platforms include comment boxes and interactivity options, giving you the chance to create a community at the same time you’re creating your content!

2)  Save Some Time – We’ve all experienced the frustration of getting behind due to the time-consuming process of creating content.  Videos need to be edited, audio needs to be produced, the list goes on.  The beauty of streaming is that after your live video is finished it can be posted online as content.  It consolidates your workflow and lets you check more things off your crowded list.

3)  Grow Your Audience – Live streaming is a perfect way to get a leg up on your competition.  Make sure you’re the first to bring new content to your audience, allow your users to give you instant feedback, then use these insights to grow your business.