GAEMS M-155 Performance Monitor + Backpack Bundle


GAEMS M-155 Performance Monitor + Backpack Bundle


GAEMS M-155 ultra-lightweight 15.5” Performance Gaming Monitor provides virtually lag-free gaming for any device with HDMI output. Whether you prefer gaming on a console, on a laptop or simply want a second monitor for your PC or HDMI compatible devices; the GAEMS M-155 offers access to a better HD gaming or entertainment experience in a compact LED design.

With GAEMS technology onboard, quality is not compromised even though the portable M-155 weighs less than 2 pounds and requires only a single USB for power! Measuring less than 1 inch thick in its protective sleeve, the M-155 will safely fit inside most laptop bags and it fits perfectly inside every GAEMS Backpack. The flexible protective M-155 Shield doubles as multi-positionable stand. Durable black exterior, gray micro felt interior.

What’s in the Box?
• M-155 Performance Gaming Monitor
• M-155 Shield
• HDMI Cable
• USB “Y Split” Power cable
• Power adaptor plug
• Thumb screws (x2)

The GAEMS Backpack is specifically tailored for gamers who want to carry their Paladin, monitor or laptop with all accessories in a single backpack. Comfortable, easy to carry, with quick access for loading and unloading. The integrated waterproof cover snaps tight to keep your gear dry.

Built so that Producers can gain more access to a premium environment without a premium price, now everybody can become GAEMS Enabled™

Internal compartments allows for:
• GAEMS M-155 Performance Gaming Monitor
• Monitors up to 16”
• Power Cables & Cords
• Headphones
• Additional compartments for personal effects & accessories

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